Time is Relative


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2015 is gone. Welcome 2016.

So I have this theory that time is relative…to what you do with it. Does it ever seem that time flies by, the older we get? I read a somewhat depressing statistic recently that, by the time your life is 30% over (assume 30 years old if you plan to live to 100) you have run through 90% of all the meaningful relationships in your life.

Doesn’t it feel like time moved slower when we were younger? I know I feel that way. That the four years I spent at the University of Chicago were longer than the subsequent 10 years working. And if you dig even further back, that the two boarding school were even longer. More memorable. More vivid. Today? Blink you eyes and you will turn 90. Don’t believe me? Check out what Helen Moses says in her New York Times article:

Your life goes so quick, all of the sudden I’m 90 years old. I remember when I was 13. I used to come home for lunch every day. And I was going down the hill and I said, Hey, I’m 13 years old already. And here I am, 90. It’s all right.

So how to we stop the torrent of time from sweeping you downstream? How do we fight back? I think you need to actively seeking new and different experiences and challenges and slip them into your every day life. Start a company. Travel. Do a little more every day. Learn to code. Give a talk on something you know nothing about.

Travel’s the easy one. For example, I  just returned from an amazing 5 day trip to Koh Samui in Thailand and then another 5 days in Hong Kong. Only 10 days total. Heck, i’ve been back longer than that and working off my jet lag. Yet as great as it was to come back, the 10 days I was out there were packed with a beautiful wedding, lazy beaches, sea side massages and lots of great ethnic food. Plus catching up with old friends. Experiences that burn the memories deep.

So for all those folks that debate whether school is worth the investment. Of time. And money. When there are worlds to conquer and “great places you will go”. I’ll tell you it is. Yeah, take that Peter Thiel. It is because an “educated life” is like viewing life in high definition. You get to see more. And by the way, you will have the rest of your life to work and make money. Enjoy your youth while you can.



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