Apple, You Got Me to Buy…Again.



Mac, I’m starting to convert. I’ve always been a PC fan. No real reason other than my first computer was a 80386 PC compatible that I lugged everywhere, even onto a plane to my dorm room in Connecticut. Hand carried in a duffel bag. Was heavy. Lots of weird looks. But it was my computer and dammit I was taking it. And it had Doom 2 on it.

Fast forward and all these year I never had a reason to convert to the  Mac. Or course I started noticing even awhile back that at every tech conference I would be the only PC user. Or one of the few. Not that it really mattered to me since I tend not to care about these things. But the trend was curious. Finally, a couple weeks ago I noticed a Black Friday sale for a 13″ Macbook Air. Usually $999. Discounted to $849 on Amazon. Basically I think they were trying to move inventory before their new refresh. Ok fine, I took the plunge and bought my first Mac.

At first it was bad. Like %$% where the heck are my files bad. But thanks to Youtube and a Command shortcut I installed i’m starting to come around. Jury’s still out…but i’ll let you know.


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