How to Stop Mass Shootings


Another day, another mass shooting. Incredibly sad. There’s a problem with guns in America. Admit it. You know. But talking about gun control without talking about solutions is a futile game. If you are serious about curbing mass shootings, someone needs to invent a next generation stun gun. Or shock wave. Take your pick.

If you listen to the political rhetoric, you’ll hear alot of inaction when it comes to guns in America. The consensus is that American’s love their guns, whether they are Democrats, Republican or Independents. Taking them away doesn’t seem politically feasible. Typical gridlock, nothing get’s done but let’s keep making money with status quo mentality.

But it’s the wrong argument. People don’t like guns. They like the perceived protection guns provide. Why? Because in a world of not so good second-best options, if you can’t ban guns altogether, the most logical thing is to get a gun yourself. Hell, with all the mass shootings out there, even I, who hates guns, am thinking about what kind of protection I need. 

But back to the solution: yes, technology is still the key to getting out of this mess. To stop mass shooting, you need to create a cheaper, most effective and less lethal form of protection that is as widely accessible as guns are at Walmart. And yes, the government should fund the development of this. The killer punch to stopping mass shootings is to roll out a new product along with increased regulation on guns and penalties for lethal discharge. But the solutions need to go hand in hand. One, without the other, is just more gridlock. So where is our generation’s Elon Musk for Guns? (And yes, Elon did get lots of help from the US government to develop his electric car).

P.S. The problem with Tasers’s is they are perceived as bringing a knife to a gunfight. So you need to change that perception by actually building a better product.



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