Why IFTTT Rocks


IFTTT? What’s that you might ask. It stands for If This Than That which is a pretty awesome, free automation tool. There’s another one called Zapier but frankly I like IFTTT because its free. Can’t beat free! I remember in college when there were signs for free food we would all line up….but I digress. Again.

So what does it do? Basically, it allows you to do one thing (like write this blog post) and then automatically take that content and post it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler etc. Huge time saver. You also get more chances for people to ‘stumble on’ your content. Its like having a social media person for free. But you don’t have to feed them.

Here’s a tip; when I was researching these tools, I was trying to read up on documentation, youtube videos, the usual. I ended up going to Fiverr and paying $20 bucks to have it set up. Totally worth the cost.

Downsides is once you post and syndicate the content, its out there. Not sure how they handle edits….with my horrendous spelling.


The Life Long Year “Startup” – Alana.io


I read a quote a few days ago from Linkedin’s CEO Jeff Weiner in which he asks “What is it you ultimately want to accomplish?” Its a great question because most of us tend to think of the things at hand; like the bills the need to be paid or the near term deadlines we are faced with. Reflective thinking is increasingly rare in our ADD, “click a link” and check out the next new thing kind of world.

I’ve always been somewhat precocious, even as a child I remember thinking that time was passing too fast. It was and still is. Well, now I have my own child and I thought I would build this website with the plan to hand it to her when she grows up. So why is the site called Alana? Simple, I named it after my daughter, Alana Reese, who recently turned 3 years old. She is amazing to watch and its almost scary that she is as technology proficient as her Grandmother. She knows how to unlock my iphone (yes, knows her numbers), choose the youtube app and find her favorite Gummy Bear songs. You can really see her personality develop.

So this site may not grow as rapidly as my last startup. But that’s ok. It’s not meant to be a quick flip or something that makes millions of dollars. Instead, its life long project that I hope I can look back in 20+ years and reflect on what it has become and grown into.  Just like raising my daughter.

That said, we do have lots of ideas today on building cool things! At our core, we hope to become the free one stop source for designers / marketers and essentially anyone who wants to add their creativity with existing content and mix it up.

Ideas? Love them: please contact me at alana@alana.io

Thanks again for reading.




Keeping tabs on a Private Company


Just started using Perch app on IOS. No, I’m not affiliated with them and no I don’t get paid for the link. But its a cool tool. I do think they need a better ad strategy. Every time I log on I see the same lendingclub ad. Its frequency = infinite.

But to use, you basically you enter in the companies you want to follow and they pull in their social media feeds (instragram and twitter). Simple. I use it to keep tabs on OpenX which I’m an investor in. Yeah, I got my Perch on you.


What do you have to “Share”?


As I start thinking about social media, one thing jumps out. These days everyone tweets, shares and tries to be “open” with their strategy. After all, content marketing = traffic. I gotta admit, that i’ve never been a big believer of that game. Perhaps its because I’m kind-of a private person and don’t really see the point of producing more ‘inventory’ for facbook and twtter to sell ads across. Any ideas? Hit me up @ alana@alana.io!



Welcome to Alana.io

So excited you are here! We are just getting up and running but our goal is to become a vast selection of free hand picked high definition stock photos. Stay tuned; we have alot of new tools we are working on.

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